Gateway-svc pod in "ErrImagePull" status after upgrade of K10 to latest version

This post will guide on how to update values.yaml file, if it was not changed before upgrade, to resolve gateway-svc pod in "ErrImagePull" status after upgrade

Since version 4.5.12, K10 uses emissary:2.2.2 image instead of ambassador. Due this change any K10 installation using version 4.5.11 or below where the default values.yaml file was used during installation must have the ambassador image parameters manually changed in the values.yaml file to add the new emissary image/registry before performing the upgrade.


Warning Failed ‹invalid» (x2 over 11s) kubelet

Pulling image ""

Failed to pull image "": pc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: manifest for not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Warning Failed <invalid› (×2 over 11s) kubelet Error: ErrImagePull


If the image is not updated in the values.yaml file before the upgrade, the gateway-svc pod will stay in "ErrImagePull" status. This is is due to the fact that K10 will try to pull the wrong image from the old repository, which is not being used for the new K10 versions (4.5.12 and above).


Manually update the parameters for ambassadorimage in the values.yaml file as shown below, and perform the upgrade

Before (default values)

After (new image/registry)