Failed import jobs in target cluster with the error "No kopia manifests found in the repository"

This article helps in debugging the import jobs failing with the error message `No kopia manifests found in the repository`

Error message:

No kopia manifests found in the repository

  "cause": {
    "file": "",
    "function": "",
    "linenumber": 144,
    "message": "No kopia manifests found in the repository"
  "file": "",
  "function": "*migrateReceivePhase).Run",
  "linenumber": 359,
  "message": "Failed to import latest collection"


Currently, the Kopia server user is created based on the name of the K10 namespace. If the secondary cluster where the application is to be imported has K10 installed in a namespace with a different name, then a wrong kopia server user is set causing the error `No kopia manifests found in the repository`. This means that K10 couldn’t find the data from the export location profile with the current user. 

For example, if the source cluster namespace is kasten-io and the secondary namespace is a different name ( K10 for example ), a different Kopia server user(k10-admin@migration.k10.export-xxxxxxxxxxxx) is set in the server during the import, causing it to fail with the above error.

However. the correct server user should be the same as a primary cluster (k10-admin@migration.kasten-io.export-xxxxxxxxxxxx)


The solution is to install K10 with an identical namespace in both source and target cluster with the same version of K10.

Please refer to the release notes from K10 documentation