Troubleshooting CNI access "the server is currently unable to handle the request"

This article provides steps on how to resolve kasten-io/aggregatedapis-svc False (FailedDiscoveryCheck) with proper installation CNI in a K10 environment

Cilium is an Open Source security focused CNI -

If the steps shown below were not adopted while installing Cilium CNI, since CNI pods block connectivity to K10 dashboard by default, the following error will be seen on K10 dashboard

“the server is currently unable to handle the request“.

Additionally, HTTP 500 errors might be seen on dashboard as well.

Checking the state of apiservices would show the following

kubectl get apiservices | grep kasten kasten-io/aggregatedapis-svc False (FailedDiscoveryCheck) 

Installation of CNI in a K10 environment should be performed as described in the steps shown below

1. helm install cilium cilium/cilium -n kube-system
--set remoteNodeIdentity=false

2. helm upgrade k10 kasten/k10 --namespace=kasten-io
--reuse-values \
--set services.aggregatedapis.hostNetwork=true \
--set service.aggregatedApiPort=10251

Note: Set a non-default port 10251 for aggregatedapis-svc