K10 Plugin does not appear on VBR Console under Backup Infrastructure

This article helps troubleshoot and resolve when K10 plugin does not appear on VBR(Veeam Backup and Replication) (v12) console, under Backup Infrastructure

'Kasten K10 backup for Kubernetes' missing as an 'Add Server' option under 'Backup Infrastructure', as shown in the following screenshot

Troubleshooting Steps / Resolution:

  1. Check for “Veeam Kubernetes Service” under Windows Services

    1. Goto “Run” → services.msc → check if Veeam Kubernetes Service is running . If it has stopped, right click on the service and start.

    2. If the Service starts without any issues , open the Veeam Backup and Replication Console  to verify if K10 option is seen

  2. If service fails to start with error code 1064. It would need a kubernetes plugin update.

Follow the article - Veeam Kubernetes Service Fails to Start - Error 1064

Upon updating the plugin, 'Kasten K10 backup for Kubernetes', should be seen in VBR Console.